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Based on the spirit of Sogo-Fujo, AMDA provides emergency medical aid to people affected by natural as well as man-made disasters. With its special strength in the medical and health sectors, AMDA also implements mid- to long-term social development projects helping people in their community building process. AMDA has worked in more than 50 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe in collaboration with governments, UN agencies, such as UNHCR, WHO, WFP, UNOCHA, and other specialized agencies and institutions.Having been a global player in the humanitarian sector for more than three decades, India has been one of the most important activity locations for AMDA International. Be it medical relief or social empowerment, the close collaboration between AMDA India (its Indian chapter headed by Dr. Sethkumar Kamath) and AMDA International have led to a number of fruitful programs which have been sustained to this day.


Sogo-Fujo has been always at the core of AMDA’s activities since its foundation in 1984. Sogo-Fujo is a social value deeply rooted in the traditional Japanese close-knit community life. Literally, it means mutual assistance. It implies a cycle of reciprocating assistance in a given community. AMDA has gone beyond the confinement of each of our affinity group, reaching out to people, far and near, whoever is in need of assistance. AMDA has opened up the spirit of Sogo-Fujo across and beyond one’s community, that is to say a wider and more diverse network of mutual assistance has been created in the process.The relationship between AMDA and India dates back to 1984, the year when AMDA was founded. As a diligent medical student in the late 60s to early 70s, AMDA President Dr. Shigeru Suganami had already been keen at extending a helping hand to those in need, especially in the regions that lacked medical access. He formed a group of Japanese medical students to embark on a trip to South East Asia which later developed into a gathering of international medical students, now known AMSA (Asian Medical Students’ Association). Among the members was Dr. Sethkumar Kamath, the Founder and current Chairperson of AMDA India. Ever since he joined the First Asian Medical Students International Conference held in Bangkok in 1980, he has been a close ally of Dr. Suganami.cehe joined the First Asian Medical Students International Conference held in Bangkok in 1980, he has been a close ally of Dr. Suganami.

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