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AMDA-INIDA is working diligently for Natural Calamities, Disaster Management & International NGO


Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The two parties agreed to work together with a particular focus on disaster relief. It was based on the past experience in which AMDA collaborated with a local rotary club in the flood affected area in Kerala state to save the flood victims in August 2018. The story of this joint relief was shared in a monthly meeting at Bodhgaya Rotary Club. As a result, the club members expressed their wish to work with AMDA, while owing to the fact that it was the strong bond between regional Rotary Clubs that made the flood relief possible.

On 17 November 2018, with Bodhgaya Rotary Club Director Mr. Pathak, AMDA President Dr. Suganami and AMDA India Secretary General Dr. Meenakshi co-signing the Memorandum, the two parties concluded a formal partnership agreement.

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