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                                AMDA Emergency Relief Bulletin #1: Floods in Bihar, India




Publication date: 2017-09-01


On 01 September 2017, AMDA will be conducting aid assistance in response to the flood disaster in the state of Bihar, North India. The joint team of relief personnel from AMDA Japan, Gaya College and local collaborators will be visiting Balha in the city of Samastipur in the north to provide food supplies and daily commodities. The staff from AMDA Japan had been coincidentally visiting Bodhgaya for a project prompted by AMDA Peace Clinic (specialized in maternal health services) based in the locality.

The flood disaster triggered by the monsoon which struck the greater South Asia region has wreaked havoc in India, in which, according to the announcement of UNOCHA (as of 24 August 2017), the number of casualties exceeded 600 with more than 32 million people having been affected. The extent of damage is reportedly the worst in Bihar where the number of afflicted population topped 14 million in the state alone. The relief has already been underway by the Indian military and the state emergency relief teams, yet many have been forced to seek asylum until the situation is normalized.

According to the Bihar State Disaster Management Authority, as of 29 August, 514 people have died and millions of people have sought refuge in evacuation shelters.


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