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Emergencies and AMDA activities in INDIA 


■Gujarat Earthquake (January 2001):


One of the unforgettable relief operations took place in response to

the horrendous earthquake that devastated the State of Gujarat and other western regions in January 2001. A mag7.9 quake claimed the lives of countless number of people and left the towns and cities totally destroyed. Besides sending medical personnel from India, Nepal and Japan, AMDA decided to transport two excavators and the large bulk of relief goods (medicines, blankets, water bottles, bed sheets and towels, tents) in a chartered cargo plane from Okayama, Japan to the affected site.



■Sumatra Earthquake (December 2004 – January 2005):

Devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the greater

Sumatran coast in December 2004 was an unprecedented disaster in which over 200,000 were killed in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other coastal countries. While Indonesia was affected the most, India suffered a tremendous scale of damage in Tamil Nadu and other neighboring regions. AMDA deployed a multinational medical missions in three countries, namely, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka,

to help the victims of this severe calamity. In India, AMDA personnel from India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Japan worked in Nagapattinam and Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu to provide a series of medical relief activities. Since the launch of relief on 02 January 2005, 23 medical personnel were sent as a whole; mobile clinic was conducted 16 times in one month, seeing 2,121 patients in total.


■Bihar Flood (September 2017):

In response to the flood disaster in early August (2017), AMDA International dispatched personnel to conduct aid assistance in Samastipur in the state of Bihar. According to the Bihar State Disaster Management Authority, by 29 August, 514 people had died and millions of people had sought shelter in evacuation centers. The joint team of relief personnel from AMDA International, Gaya College and local collaborators visited three villages in Ganga Bandh District to provide food supplies and daily commodities. Approximately 300 households were helped by the aid distribution.

■Kerala Flood (August - September 2018):


From 27 August 2018, AMDA International conducted emergency relief for the victims of Kerala floods which struck the southern part in India. As a joint relief effort between AMDA International, AMDA India, Chengannur Rotary Club and Sewa Bharati, the team worked in Kerala and Karnataka until 08 September to provide medical assistance and relief goods. We have provided Kitchen items to 198 households in 4 villages, and a schoolbag with 5 notebooks to 50 affected students in one school. 512 people were seen by our medical team in 4 villages. The ailments were backache, chronic diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes etc.) as well as joint pain.

Other Emergency Relief in India

Kashmir Floods (September 2014)

Uttarakhand Floods (June 2013)


Karnataka Floods (October 2009)


Bihar Floods (September 2008)


Gujarat Earthquake (January 2001)


Odisha Cyclone (November 2000)


Gujarat Cyclone (June 1998)

Andhra Pradesh Cyclone (November 1997)

Telangana Cyclone (November 1996)

Maharashtra Earthquake (September 1993)


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