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AMDA-INDIA wholeheartedly helped communities in National Capital Region to fight against viral infections. In India first cases were reported around new year time. From 20th march 2020 complete lock down was planned. This sudden situation created lots of panic amongst people. As factories, offices, public transport came to a standstill lots of daily wagers and labourers were out of work with no means to support them. 

Many of them started walking towards their home towns mostly in Bihar or east UP. Many families with women, pregnant women and infants were also on road. 

AMDA-INDIA General Secretary Dr Meenakshi Joshi received a call for help for a family of labourer with an infant and a 2.5 years old kid. We provided office space for family for shelter and arranged some ration and gas stove for them. After around three weeks one of our volunteer came to know about many social service groups bringing cooked food to slums and shelter homes. We sent request to daily delivery of food to this family too. So AMDA-INDIA provided milk and few other ration help to family after three weeks. This family stayed three months and left with a thankful note. They left in end of June as govt started providing vehicles with social norms. It was huge public movement by road without any means or help . 


As slowly govt started making plans to open up at some less infected places, AMDA-INDIA understood rising demand for Masks.Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, India had been under total lockdown from late March to May which restricted people’s unnecessary outings. However, the country has gradually started to ease the quarantine measures since 06 June in which eating establishments and religious facilities resumed operations. According to AMDA India, it is more likely that the lockdown will be lifted by later this month and interstate travel is expected to increase accordingly.

As part of precautionary measures, AMDA India, in collaboration with AMDA Headquarters,  planned to launch a face-mask distribution drive. This is in response to the expected increase in the number of workers going back to offices and workplaces amid the surge of infected cases.


Respect for nature and save resources is AMDA-INDIA s one of main motto. Keeping in mind not to promote any kind of disposable item we carefully decided to go for cotton hand made washable masks. 

AMDA-INDIA didn't purchase make from commercial sources. Instead we selected women self help group in rural South India Nilgiri mountains to prepare masks for us. The washable masks are made from unbleached pure double layered cotton.By purchasing these masks, it also helped boost the income of women in the remote region, thereby assisting their livelihood.

Since June when open up started gradually every week AMDA- INDIA team visited market places, slums, society guards, cleaning staff, duty guards, construction sites in Delhi to distribute reusable masks and made people aware not to use disposable masks. We also sanitised hands of public visiting markets and parks. AMDA-INDIA distributed fliers giving information about COVID-19 & AMDA-INIDA. 

Since June end religious places and malls also opened.  AMDA volunteers stood outside gates to provide hand sanitises and masks. We also visited police stations, petrol pumps to distribute face shields, liquid hand soaps along with masks. 

In Gurugram our volunteers distributed masks and sanitisers during a public opening of a open gym in a park by municipal corporate.Residents and RWA president sent thanks messages to AMDA. 

AMDA Team paired up with Family welfare unit Sandksha of forces in providing necessary safety measures for a shelter home of abandoned, old and mentally challenged people. Sandiksha provided three months ration, fruits, sweets and automatic sanitiser disposing machine, AMDA provided masks, 20 liters of sanitiser along with five liters of liquid hand wash for 500 inmates of shelter home. Many local newspapers and TV channels covered the event. Dr Meenakshi Joshi thanked Sandiksha to provide AMDA - INDIA an opportunity to help. 

We have not stopped yet every day we keep an eye on needy vegetable vendors, cleaners and keep. giving them masks to use. AMDA-INDIA provided 300 flyers of information about COVID-19. 


Thanks for providing Amda an oppurtunity
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