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Floods in Karnataka, Southwest India August 2019

In response to catastrophic floods that struck a large part of India, AMDA India conducted relief work on the 13th and 25th of August in the state of Karnataka in India's southwest.

Monsoon downpours that had continued since the beginning of June caused floods in more than 10 states. Especially in the southwestern states of Kerala and Karnataka, flood water has been taking a toll on people’s lives. As of 20 August, NDMI (India’s Disaster Management Division) reported that in Karnataka alone, 103 people died and 104,746 people were affected.

  On 13 August, the State Government of Karnataka inquired AMDA India’s Dr. Ramachandra to partake in a needs assessment in Kodagu and its neighbouring areas. While providing hygiene education to local residents, the group visited four evacuation shelters to give guidance on precautionary measures against water-borne diseases. After learning to avoid using (or drinking) flood water for daily chores, the evacuees said the knowledge would be a lot of help in the post-disaster period.


On 25 August, AMDA India Chairperson Dr. Kamath launched another relief mission in rural communities around Karwar District of Uttar Kannad, Karnataka. AMDA India formed a relief team comprising one personnel who happened to work for Karnataka State Government, and five personnel from Manipal University’s Public Health Department along with Dr. Kamath himself.


By partnering with Lions Clubs of Kalyanpur and Karwar, the team provided aid to 52 households in the area. Each family received a set of relief supplies containing 20kg of rice, dishes, clothing, blankets and towels as well as a set of Ayurvedic medicine and supplements.

The amount of rice was enough to feed a family for about one month, whereas the medicine and supplements were specially chosen to counter upper respiratory infections and digestive ailments that were expected to increase due to flooding. Local residents said AMDA was the first organization to offer supplies such as new dishes or clothes, both of which became unusable or unwearable from inundation.  


The Lions Clubs supported AMDA India immensely from the initial stage of disaster survey to the relevant relief coordination that followed. Thanks to kind assistance from every concerned party, the relief came to a successful completion later that day.

Although the emergency relief ended, AMDA will keep an eye on situations on the ground.

Publication date: 2019-09-05

Reported by - Dr M S Kamath

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