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                  AMDA Bore Well Construction Project in Suripur, India




Publication date: 2017-08-18


Since its launch in 2009, AMDA Peace Clinic (APC) in Bodhgaya, India has fulfilled the health-related needs in the State of Bihar which is known to be one of the most impoverished regions in the country. At the beginning, the clinic provided a range of Ayurveda treatments but shifted its focus on maternal-child health in 2014 in response to growing local needs.

In 2017, AMDA started a new project in the village of Suripur located at the outskirt of Bodhgaya. The newly launched project aims to promote health in the destitute community and is part of efforts to realize social/economic development in the realm of “comprehensive primary healthcare”. By allowing residents to secure food on a self-reliant basis, it helps improve nutrition, thereby leading to their physical well-being.

 As its first step, a bore well was built to enhance local agricultural capability. Despite the request from the villagers, it was somewhat sceptical at first if enough water could be secured by digging the well. However, water started gushing out of the ground after digging down to 75 feet (about 23 meters) in the mid-July which made everyone convinced of its success. (It happened two weeks after the boring was decided.) Likewise, the exhilaration was shared in Japan through the video clips sent from India.

The bore well is ready to be used for this year’s sowing.


*AMDA India is serving as an advisor to APC.

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